Consider Having Your Driveway Sealcoated This Fall

As crazy as it may seem, the fact is that winter is almost upon us once again. For homeowners, this means that it is time to take certain steps to prepare your property to make sure it is protected against winter storms, such as by cleaning out your gutters and making sure that your windows and doors are properly sealed. However, if it has been a few years since you have had your driveway sealcoated, this is also something that you should consider doing before winter arrives. By sealing your asphalt driveway this fall, you will be taking a simple step to protect it from coming winter storms. While having their driveway sealcoated is something homeowners often neglect to do, here is a look at a few of the reasons why it is critical that you consider doing so this fall.

Consider Having Your Driveway Sealcoated This Fall

Prevent Costly Damage

The primary reason to sealcoat your driveway this fall is that doing so can help to protect your driveway from harsh winter weather. The frequent freeze-thaw patterns of winter can wreak havoc on your driveway, causing cracks to form and existing cracks to expand. Sealcoating your driveway will help to protect it from water infiltration, protecting it from the damage expanding water can cause during freezing temperatures. Having your driveway sealcoated can then save you money in the long-run by preventing costly damage.

It Extends Pavement Life

Having your driveway sealcoated provides your driveway with a protective shield that prevents damage. By protecting your driveway from winter storms and the sun’s UV rays, less damage and deterioration will occur, which can actually extend the life of your driveway. In fact, having your driveway sealed regularly can extend the life of your driveway by as much as 25%, which can help to delay a costly replacement.

This is The Perfect Time of Year 

In addition to ensuring that your driveway is protected when winter arrives, having your driveway sealcoated now is a good idea as fall is generally considered to be the best time of year to sealcoat a driveway. Sealcoating cannot be done under extreme weather conditions, which is why fall is often considered to be the perfect time of year to have this done, as moderate weather can help prevent delays.

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