3 Benefits of a Gravel Driveway

We’ve all seen gravel driveways before, and they look like a lot of work to maintain. There’s all the raking to keep them in shape, and driving on them feels rougher than driving on a paved driveway. However, people wouldn’t have them if there weren’t some advantages to gravel. So if you’ve been thinking about … Read more3 Benefits of a Gravel Driveway

Maintain Asphalt Inexpensively with Sealcoating

If your property’s asphalt driveway or parking area looks faded or shows some minor cracks, it’s probably time for sealcoating. Just like a wood deck or tile grout need a periodic sealcoat, so does asphalt. This cost-effective process not only brings back the “black,” making it look new, but it truly protects your investment from deterioration. Recommended … Read moreMaintain Asphalt Inexpensively with Sealcoating