3 Ways to Prepare Your Asphalt Parking Lot for Fall Weather

As the Summer winds down and Fall begins to approach us, it’s important that you know how to protect your asphalt parking lot from cold, snowy weather. In fact, cold weather is one of the most damaging conditions to your parking lot. When asphalt constantly freezes and thaws from cold weather, it will start expanding and this will lead to cracks and water seeping into your asphalt, but the following three tips will show you how you can prevent these problems and protect your asphalt parking lots from harsh fall weather.

1. Keep your parking lot clean

Keeping your asphalt clean is one of the most important steps for preparing it for Fall weather. Not only can it prevent physical or chemical damage to your parking lot’s surface, but keeping your parking lot clear or trash or debris will also make it easier to remove snow or ice from your parking lot when the time comes. Small parking lots can easily be cleaned with brooms, shovels, and blowers, but large parking lots will likely require professional cleaning services.

2. Seal existing cracks

All existing cracks in your asphalt parking lot should be sealed before Fall to prevent damage from the cold and moisture. When the temperature changes from season to season, your asphalt will repeatedly contract and expand, and this will weaken the surface of your asphalt and potentially lead to chipping and larger cracks. Sealing your asphalt parking lot will prevent these problems by making its surface water-resistant and causing snow and ice to melt faster by absorbing heat from the sun.

3. Patch potholes

Patching potholes in your asphalt surface will prevent pools of water from forming on your parking lot. This can lead to large blocks of ice and large cracks in your asphalt. Potholes can also become very dangerous and lead to serious accidents and injuries when there is snow on your parking lot. Therefore, you should have them patched immediately before the start of Fall.

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