3 Benefits of a Gravel Driveway

We’ve all seen gravel driveways before, and they look like a lot of work to maintain. There’s all the raking to keep them in shape, and driving on them feels rougher than driving on a paved driveway. However, people wouldn’t have them if there weren’t some advantages to gravel. So if you’ve been thinking about changing up your driveway, consider the following benefits.

3 Benefits of a Gravel Driveway

Benefit #1: Cost

While we might associate gravel driveways with country estates and manor houses, it’s actually one of the cheapest materials on the market. This is a particular advantage for homeowners who have a big driveway, and who enjoy saving money in the beginning.

Benefit #2: Longevity

Concrete and asphalt driveways are strong and durable but without proper maintenance, they can get pretty pricey. When that happens you need to make expensive repairs, and if the damage is bad enough you’ll need to install a new driveway entirely. Gravel driveways are flexible, and they can last nearly as long as your house does. While you may need a new layer of top gravel from time to time, that’s a relatively minor expense to keep your gravel drive looking fresh.

Benefit #3: Drainage

One of the primary problems with paved driveways is that they don’t allow water to drain through them. This creates hazards in the winter, but it also means water is displaced, and that can lead to flooding if there aren’t systems in place for handling the runoff. Gravel, though, allows the water to drain naturally, keeping it in the local water table without issue.

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