When is the Right Time to Sealcoat Your Paved Surfaces?

When it comes to prolonging the longevity and look of your pavement, sealcoating is one of the best processes that can be done. However, few are sure when it should be done. It is recommended that you sealcoat asphalt and pavement surfaces at least every three years, but when making the appointment, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

When is the Right Time to Sealcoat Your Paved Surfaces?

Best Conditions For Sealcoating

When it comes to sealcoating, a professional may tell you that now is not the best time for it, and this is because to be successful, the process needs to be done under certain conditions.

  • Sun For Drying – As sealcoat goes on a liquid, it needs adequate time to dry. Many contractors rely on the sun to help speed things along. If there is not a lot of sun, this doesn’t mean the process cannot be done, but that does to lead to other concerns.
  • Appropriate Temperature – Like the sun, the temperature outside plays a role in sealcoating. Obviously warmer temperatures help things dry faster, but it also needs to be above 50 degrees F in order for the seal to set properly. This is the minimum temperature for both the air and ground temperature.
  • Rain – Even a light rain can ruin sealcoating if the coat is not dried all the way. So sunny and warm days help the process get done quicker, it also means there is less chance that rain will come and ruin it. If there is even the possibility of rain during the day, a contractor will reschedule.

There isn’t so much a “wrong” time for a sealcoating treatment, but rather it is just about knowing when is the best time to have that layer of protection added. A great contractor can help with that. Contact us today to see what DC Paving & Sealcoating can do for your paved surfaces.