Five signs that it’s time to repair your business parking lot

Commercial spaces receive a lot of traffic. Therefore, the parking lot needs to be constructed with materials that will hold up the heavy traffic. Below, we share some signs that show it’s time you serviced your business parking lot.

Five signs that it's time to repair your business parking lot

Wide and deep cracks

For concrete surfaces, it is logical to see the appearance of cracks after some time. When subjected to oil leaks, rainwater, and other dangerous chemicals, cracks in the concrete can worsen and grow into potholes. Use a crack sealer to fix them before the cracks become bigger and more difficult to repair.


When potholes are not serviced on time, they can lead to flat tires. And the attempt to escape one can lead to collisions or even damage to property. The presence of potholes can be a huge turn off for your customers. It is thus vital to repair the potholes as soon as possible to avoid any incidents or accidents.

Faded stripes

The lines along the parking lot help the users understand where they need to go. If the lines in your parking lot are not visible, then it is about time you repair the parking area. Bright, as well as visible stripes, make it easier to navigate.

Standing water

When it rains, and you notice stagnant water, that is a sign that your parking lot is experiencing drainage issues that need to be addressed. A repair will put the parking lot in top-notch shape.

Faded surface appearance

When asphalt gets exposed to sun rays, rain, and snow, it begins to lose its dark color. That will make the surface more susceptible to oil leaks and other damaging chemicals.

A parking lot with any of the above signs will undoubtedly give the wrong impression about your business. Contact us today to get started if you want to give your parking lot a facelift.