6 “Red Flags” Suggesting It’s Time to Pave Your Parking Lot

 If you own a business, you probably realize that having a clean, attractive parking lot is important as to how other people view your business. In other words, it’s your parking lot that gives your customers either a positive or negative first impression. Have you inspected your lot lately? Here are six “red flags” that could be telling you it’s time to pave your parking lot.

6 "Red Flags" Suggesting It's Time to Pave Your Parking Lot

1. Cracks 

One of the main signs that your parking lot needs paving is noticing cracks. Pavement cracks are the result of being exposed to the elements, along with aging. Besides being ugly, cracks in your pavement can be hazardous. When ignored, pavement cracks can significantly compromise the structure of your parking lot, so it’s critical that you get them repaired or have your lot paved as soon as possible.

2. Potholes 

Regardless of their size, potholes can easily damage vehicles entering into your parking lot. As a result, your business will get a bad reputation. Even worse, you may have to face costly lawsuits. The best way to cover potholes is to pave your lot so that it’s a safe for both your customers and employees.

3. Worn Curbs

Don’t forget to inspect the curbs around your parking lot to see if they’ve suffered from wear. Look for any chips and/or tire marks from vehicles getting too close to a curb. Consider how often customers are turned off by seeing these defects. What’s more, if pedestrians access the curb, this can be a safety hazard. To remove unsightly tire marks and scuffs, call a highly qualified paving company.

4. Divots and Denting 

Examine your lot for dents and divots. These are usually the result of heavy vehicles, such as tow trucks and trailers. Moreover, divots and dents can cause water and moisture to pool, which can lead to considerable damage. When noticing these problems, it’s important to fix them promptly or pave your lot.

 5. Fading Parking Stripes

Another clue your lot may need paving is noting that parking stripes look lighter or have become faded and harder to see. Usually, this type of condition stems from harsh UV sunlight that beats down on pavement. In fact, faded parking stripes can make it hard for your customers and employees to park and can even lead to accidents. A paving specialist can easily make faded parking stripes look fresh, bright and visible, just as they originally were.

6. An Uneven Surface 

If you park in a designated parking spot, maybe you haven’t noticed that the surface of your parking lot isn’t smooth, but your customers may have seen this. Therefore, the next time you drive up to your parking lot, see if the surface looks somewhat further away when you get out of your car. An uneven surface is even more noticeable during and after rainfall as it can be detected by the large puddle it forms.  To solve this issue, have your parking lot paved.

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