Reasons to get a Gravel Driveway

We’ve all seen gravel driveways and some of us may even know someone who has one. They look like a lot of work to keep in working order. There’s all the raking to keep them neat and orderly and driving on them doesn’t feel nearly as smooth as a paved driveway would. Still, with so many people using one, it’s clear that there’s some inherent benefit to using gravel over a paved driveway. So, if you’ve been considering which way to go with your driveway, here are some things to consider prior to making that decision.

Reasons to get a Gravel Driveway

#1: Price

The first thing to keep in mind is that gravel driveways are one of the most inexpensive options available for a driveway. This has a notable advantage for homeowners because it gives you a simple and straightforward way to get started with a driveway without having to blow a large amount of money on the driveway.

#2: Long-Lasting

While things like concrete may look impressive at a glance, they also tend to wear out over time and need replacing. Unlike those surfaces which need to be completely redone, gravel can last for as long as your home with little trouble. While it may need to have a new layer of gravel added on top of the existing gravel on occasion, this is a minor expense that only serves to maintain the existing look and feel of your driveway.

#3: Liquids

A problem that frequently comes up with paved driveways is that liquids stick around on their surface rather than draining through them. This can create hazards during the winter as the driveway surface can become frozen and dangerous. But it can also cause flooding, depending on how much liquid runoff there is, if you don’t have a system in place to handle that runoff. In contrast to this, water can drain through gravel naturally with no need for complicated runoff systems to prevent any of this.

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