Three Ways In Which Parking Lot Striping Can Improve Your Customer’s Experience

When money is tight, general maintenance tasks have a tendency to fall by the wayside. It is easy to put off maintaining your business’s parking areas, but this is a serious mistake. Parking lot maintenance is very important for preventing costly accidents. While filling potholes and repairing cracks in the asphalt are very important, it is also important to make sure that your parking area has clean, easy-to-read striping. The following three examples will demonstrate how parking lot striping can improve your customer’s experience.

Three Ways In Which Parking Lot Striping Can Improve Your Customer's Experience

1. Minimizes Traffic Jams

If your parking area has an entrance and an exit that isn’t clearly marked, your customers could wind up going in the wrong direction. Parking lots can quickly become jammed and cause your customers to become frustrated. Having arrows, do-not-enter signs, and slanted striping can help indicate to your customers which direction the traffic is going. Removing this confusion will make for a more pleasant experience for your customers.

2. Tells Customers Where They Can (And Can’t) Park

Parking lot striping can help drivers identify safe places to park. Striping can be used to indicate fire lanes, bus lanes, and no parking zones so that your customers do not have to guess. You could easily lose business if a customer’s car is towed because the markings in your parking lot were not clear enough. Customers will not return if they don’t feel safe; having a car towed is stressful and scary. Stressful and scary is not how you want your business remembered.

3. Indicates Where Pedestrians Walk

Few things are as frightening as having someone walk out in front of your car without warning. Parking lot striping can help identify pedestrian crossing areas in your parking lot. This is especially helpful if you have a crossing that is difficult to see. If your crossings are flanked by bushes or in especially odd locations, having crosswalk lines can help prevent catastrophic accidents. Give your customers a heads-up where people may be walking.

Parking lot line striping isn’t just a matter of maintenance, it is a matter of safety. It is important to make all aspects of your business as safe as possible and that includes your parking lot.  DC Paving and Sealcoating can help. If you are interested in professional parking lot striping in the Murchison, TX area, contact us.