3 Tips to Help Preserve Your Parking Lot Paving

Your parking lot is the first impression customers and clients have to your business. It’s important to look great from the start. A well-done parking lot paving job is essential. But the job keeps going even after the pavement is laid. Here are three tips to help you preserve and maintain your parking lot.

3 Tips to Help Preserve Your Parking Lot Paving

1) Don’t Forget the Sealcoat

Sealcoats are a must if you want to preserve and protect your paving. Changes in temperature cause asphalt to expand and contract. This process can create cracks in your lot. A sealcoat will help fill in those cracks and protect your parking lot from water and oil spill damage.

How often you should get a new sealcoat will depend on factors such as your climate. Talk to your commercial paving contractor for more information.

2) Keep Up with Routine Repairs

Small cracks can quickly become bigger potholes. Make sure you take care of any issues early on. When a crack develops, fill it in with a rubber sealant before it widens. If you haven’t kept up with routine repairs, consider contacting a paving contractor to help restore your parking lot to its former glory.

3) Schedule a Regular Facelift

Sometimes, all your parking lot needs is a little facelift. Restripe your lot as needed. Faded lines look unsightly and make your parking lot an unsafe place for motorists trying to navigate through.

How often you need to paint will depend on your climate and how much traffic you get. If you have a higher trafficked lot or live in a climate where sand and salt are needed to clean up snow you will want to consider regularly scheduling restriping.

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