How Often Should a Parking Lot Get Restriped?

Parking lots have a finite amount of space and should be constantly restriped to maintain their quality. Most parking lots in the United States are restriped every two to five years, but some parking lots are restriped as often as every year. This guide will sum up a few methods of estimating when a parking lot should be restriped.

How Often Should a Parking Lot Get Restriped?

What is the purpose of parking lot restriping?


Parking lots are restriped for a variety of reasons. The key reason why a parking lot should be restriped is to remove the existing striping, which may have been applied incorrectly. Another reason for restriping is to replace the old striping that might be worn out or fading. New parking lot striping may be required on new pavement, while existing pavement may also be restriped because of new traffic patterns.


Striping is easy to remove, so restriping is quick and inexpensive. When pavement is repaved, the striping should be reapplied at the same time. This will prevent too much traffic from causing problems to the surface. Then, when the new parking lot striping fades, repaving the pavement again will refresh the appearance of the lot.


How often should you restripe your parking lot?


Typically, parking lots should be restriped every two to four years, depending on a variety of factors. Factors such as the amount of traffic, type of pavement, and area being restriped all affect how long a parking lot will last.


Here are some additional factors to consider:


Pavement type – Concrete parking lots usually last longer than asphalt parking lots.


Existing striping – Existing striping is often worn or faded, so replacing a parking lot with a new, fresh restriping will make the parking lot look new.


Surface quality – Parking lots that are restriped every few years usually have better surface quality than parking lots that are not restriped.


Pavement condition – The pavement condition determines how long the striping will last.


Maintenance – If the pavement is properly maintained, restriping the parking lot every two to four years will keep the surface fresh.


How to know when it’s time to restripe your parking lot?


The rule of thumb for restriping is every two years. However, this guideline is not set in stone, because conditions may vary. For example, if the asphalt is in good condition, restriping every two or four years will be sufficient. However, if the asphalt is torn-up, restriping will be necessary much sooner. Pavements that are in good condition should not have cracks or depressions. However, if there is asphalt damage, it should be repaired. Pavements that are in bad condition should be resurfaced.


Pavement that is too narrow should be resurfaced before a new striping job. A narrow pavement will also cause vehicles to bunch together, which will cause more stress to the surface.



Restriping is a way to refresh the appearance of a parking lot. The parking lot strips are painted over with black paint that makes the old striping disappear. As the old striping fades away, the fresh coats of fresh black paint will completely obscure the old striping. Eventually, the new paint will fade, and the old striping will be visible. Restriping can help parking lots look clean and new.


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